Top 15 Jams of 2015

10:50 AM

2015 has been a brilliant year for indie.  Many new acts emerged, while many of our favorite acts continued blazing the trail.  Every notable jam that passed our ears, we've promptly passed on to you.  Now that the year is coming to an end, we leave you with this: Our Top 15 Jams of 2015.  

15) Catey Shaw - Walks All Over You

14) HOLYCHILD - Money All Around

13) Flor - Get Behind This

12) COIN - Atlas

11) Sundara Karma - Flame

10) Atlas Genius - Molecules

9) Penguin Prison - Show Me The Way

Tied for the 8th and 7th spot
Swiss Lips - Honey.  This was HB's pick for jam of the year.
Urban Cone - Come Back To Me

Tied for the 6th and 5th spot:
Coasts - Modern Love.  This was ajay's pick for jam of the year.

The Limousines - Stumble Back To You.  This was JB's pick for jam of the year.   

4) Marianas Trench - Burning Up

3) CHVRCHES - Empty Threat

2) Years & Years - King 

1) The Wombats - Greek Tragedy

And that's all she wrote kids.  Check out our Spotify playlist Best in Indie 2015 for an expanded list of our favorite jams of the year.  Stay up to date by liking us on Facebook.  See what show's we're jamming out to on the gram.  For even more tunes, check out last year's playlist.

Enjoy the new year ya'll.  Cheers.  

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